Types of Visa


Types of Visa

The following types of India visa are issued to foreign nationals in accordance with the purpose of their visit.


Type of visa


  •  1.- Diplomat


  •  2.- Official


  •  3.- UN Official


  •  4.- Transit


  •  5.- Entry


  •  6.- Tourist


  •  7.- Employment


  •  8.- Project


  •  9. Student


  •  10.- Journalist


  •  11.- Business


  •  12.- Missionary


  •  13.- Mountaineering


  •  14.- Conference/Seminar/Meeting


  •  15.- Research


  •  16.- Medical


  •  17.- Medical Attendant


  •  18.- Universal



1/2/3.   Diplomatic/Official/UN Official


Diplomats/Officials assigned to their countries Missions/Posts in India or Diplomatic/Official/UN passport holders working in UN or international organizations located in India and their spouses/children holding any type of passport are granted diplomatic/official visas.


Additional Documents Required:


Besides Documents required for VISA a Note Verbale issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru/Bolivia or from the respective Diplomatic/UN Mission.


4.   Transit Visa


A transit visa is granted for the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel through India to reach his / her ultimate destination. Change of purpose is not allowed. The visa will ordinarily be valid for a single/double journey and for entry within 15 days of date of issue. The Transit visa is valid for direct transit only for a maximum period of 3 days. For a stay in India beyond 3 days, an appropriate visa should be obtained.  Please note that validity of the visa begins from the date when visa is issued, and not from the date of travel on your application form.


5.   Entry visas


Entry visa is issued to a Person of India Origin, foreign spouse of Indian national and to spouse/children of foreigners holding any type of visa other than tourist/transit visa. An Entry Visa is given for a specific purposes as decided by the mission. Registration is required within 14 days of arrival in India if the stay is more than 180 days.


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for VISA following documents are required:


Invitation letter from the organization/agency based in India and a letter from the concerned institute for persons going for voluntary work. For students letter from their institutions and letter of financial guarantee either from parents or Bank.


6.  Tourist  Visa


Persons wishing to visit India as tourists, or for meeting friends and relatives, will be given tourist visas valid for a maximum period of six months. Tourist visas are non-extendable and non-convertible. 


Please see section Documents required for VISA for the requisite documents.


7.  Employment Visa


Employment visa is granted to a foreigner who wants to take up employment in India. Visa is granted for the duration of the employment or for a maximum period of two years whichever is less. Annual salary should be more than USD 25000 per year. Registration is required within 14 days of arrival if employment visa is for more than 180 days.


Foreign nationals who wish to come to India for honorary work (without salary) with NGOs registered in India are granted employment visa for one year. However foreign nationals can draw a monthly remuneration not exceeding Rs. 10000/- for honorary work. Further extension is done by the state governments/Union Territories/Foreigners Regional Registration Office, and Foreigners Registration Office. Extension of employment visa can be done in India by the FRROs/MHA.


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for VISA following documents are required:


  •     Proof of employment or contract or engagement by the company/organization etc. in India
  •     Details of the assignment, terms and conditions, contract signed with Indian companies etc.
  •   •  Documentary proof of educational qualifications or professional expertise. 
  •   •  Copies of Registration Certificates of the Companies


8.   Project Visa


Project visa is a sub-set of employment visa and is granted to foreigners employed for executing Steel and Power Sector Projects.  Requirement of documents is similar to Employment Visa.


9.   Student Visa


Student visas are given to bona fide students to pursue regular studies at recognized institutions in India and to persons going for studying Yoga, Vedic Culture, Indian systems of dance/music etc. The visa is valid for the period of study as approved by the educational/recognized institutions in India or to a maximum period of five years. Registration is required within 14 days of arrival in India, if period of stay is more than 180 days. Students sponsored by AIESEC for project based work in companies/industries are eligible for business visa and those going for community/social services are granted entry visa.


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for VISA, admission letter from the educational institution duly recognized by the Government of India and copy of its Registration Certificate.


10.   Journalist Visa


Given to professional journalists and photographers. Visa is granted for a period up to three months. Those interested in making documentaries in India may contact the Embassy for details. 


Journalists and photographers are granted only Journalist visa irrespective of the purpose of visit.


Additional Documents required


Besides ocuments required for VISA, a letter from the employer stating the purpose of travel.


11.   Business Visa


Business Visa is granted to a foreign national who wants to visit India to establish an industrial/business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture, or wants to purchase/sell industrial products in India. 


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for VISA following documents are required:


A signed Letter of invitation from an Indian company on their official company letter head clearly stating the purpose and duration for which visa is requested. A similar letter from the Peruvian/Bolivian company. A copy of Certificate of Registration of both the companies is also required.


A letter of introduction from Indian Chamber of Commerce in Peru (INCHAM) may also be submitted.  INCHAM’s coordinates are given below:


Ms. Sandra Valcárcel
Asistente Administrativa
Víctor Mantilla 255, Surquillo
Tel. 7151560


12.    Missionary Visa


Visa to foreign missionaries, other than those holding ‘No objection to return to India’ endorsements, are granted only after clearance by concerned Ministry/Deptt in India.


13.    Mountaineering Visa


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for VISA Mountaineering clearance from competent authorities in India.


14.   Conference Visa
Foreign nationals are granted conference visas on production of an invitation to a conference/seminar/workshop being organized in India by  Ministry/Department of the Government of India; public sector undertaking; central educational institution; public funded universities; organizations owned and controlled by the Government of India/State Government/Union Territory/United Nations or other specialized agencies/organizations.


Conference/seminar/workshop sponsored by an NGO in India needs clearance/approval of nodal/line ministry concerned of the Central/state governments etc.


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for VISA following documents are required:


  •     A copy of the signed Letter of Invitation for the Conference from organizers in India.
  •    •  A copy of the letter from the Institution represented in Peru/Bolivia.


15.   Research Visa


Research Visas are granted for Research work for a maximum of three years or for the duration of the research project, whichever is earlier. For issuance of Research Visa an authorization is required from India. Approval may require more time due to the required procedures.


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for VISA following documents are required:


  •     Submission of subject of research along with the application
  •     Original admission letter of recognized university/organization
  •     Evidence of financial resources.


16&17.    Medical/Medical Escort Visa


A Medical visa is given for medical treatment in India. The visa is granted up to one year with triple entries and registration is required within 14 days of arrival.


A Medical Escort visa is given to those who are accompanying the patient. Maximum of two escorts are permitted with a patient. Visa is granted up to one year with triple entries. Registration is required within 14 days of arrival in India.


For the purpose of commissioning surrogacy, Medical visa will be required. Please see the Advisory


Additional Documents required


Besides Documents required for Medical VISA relevant letters signed and stamped from the hospital concerned in India is required.


18.    Universal Visa


 Universal visa is a multipurpose life-long visa given to foreigners holding Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) card. The holder of universal visa can study, do business or take up employment in India and is exempt from the requirement of registration with FRRO/Police authorities for any length of stay in India.


Restricted/Protected Area Permits


Visas issued to foreigners are not valid for certain specified areas. Special permits viz. Restricted or Protected Area Permits are required to visit them. All Tibetan settlements are Restricted Areas.


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