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Ayurveda & Yoga in Trujillo and Bolivia


The Embassy of India in Lima collaboration with Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) of the Government of India, Quality Council of India is endeavouring for capacity building of Health professionals in the area of alternate healthcare systems.


Since 2016, the Centro Cultural India, the cultural wing of the Embassy of India has been organizing Ayurveda and Yoga training workshops and customized courses on various themes on a regular basis for Medical professionals, Allied Health Professionals, Pharmaceutical professionals and General Public since 2016. Till date, approximately 300 persons have benefitted from these workshops.


The Embassy is pleased to announce another four days “International Workshop on Yoga for Holistic Health (Feb 23-27, 2017)” in collaboration with EsSalud for Medical and Allied Health Professionals at Trujillo in the region of La Libertad, Peru. Approximately 85 participants are expected to attend this workshop.


Another two day “International workshop on Preventive Healthcare through Ayurveda and Yoga” is being planned in collaboration with Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beni “Jose Ballivian” in Trinidad, Beni, Bolivia. Approximately 30 participants are expected in this workshop.

These workshops will be conducted jointly by Dr. Manmath Gharote (a visiting scholar and expert in philosophico-literary research in Yoga from Pune, India) and Dr. Aayam Gupta (Ayurveda Physician and Yoga Expert presently coordinating as Director of Centro Cultural India at the Embassy of India, Lima).


Dr. Manmath Gharote, is a recognized PhD guide for various universities in India. He has been travelling extensively to European countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Croatia, Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina and some of the Asian countries like Thailand to conduct several seminars and lectures related to Yoga. He has written & published more than 27 books on ancient literature of Yoga. He has received several International and National awards. 

These workshops are being organized with the support of EsSalud (in Trujillo), University of Beni (in Bolivia), Himalaya Drugs, Megawecare, INCHAM and AAPI.





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