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Somen Debnath in Peru and Bolivia: Spreading Message of AIDS/HIV Awareness Around the World.


Somen Debnath, from Sundarbans in West Bengal, India is on World Bicycle Tour to spread the message of AIDS/HIV awareness. He began his World Bicycle Tour on May 27, 2004 from India. So far, Mr. Somen has travelled through 128 countries and completed 144,500 kilometers on his bicycle. He reached La Paz, Bolivia on April 1, 2017 and will then travel to Peru. He proposes to enter Peru via Titicaca Lake and continue to Arequipa city and then on to Camana to Pisco to Lima.  He is expected to reach Arequipa (April 7/8), Camana (April 8/9), Pisco (April, 9/10) and reach Lima on April, 10/11, 2017. From Lima he would move to North Peru on his way to Ecuador and Colombia.


The main objective of Mr. Debnath is to raise awareness on HIV / AIDS and to spread the message of peace and humanity. He plans to tour 191 countries which he expects to complete by the end of 2020 covering almost 200,000 km. His campaign is supported by personal donations and corporate sponsorship.


The Embassy of India, Lima in cooperation with the India-Bolivia Friendship Association are coordinating Mr. Debnath’s stay and travel in Bolivia. The India-Peru Friendship Association is supporting his stay and travel in Peru. A large number of outreach activities are planned in both countries. Please follow his journey on the facebook page of the Embassy of India. Details on the journey so far undertaken and experiences Mr. Debnath are available HERE.


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