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Yoga and Meditation in the High Andes in Ccoñamuru - Cusco


In the run up to the International Day of Yoga 2017, the Embassy of India in association with Peruvian NGO Kuychi Runa Association of Cusco organised a Yoga and Meditation session for children in the rural and remote Peruvian community of Ccoñamuru near Ocongate, Cusco. A delegation of 12 yoga enthusiasts from Lima also travelled to Cusco for the activity. A group of yoga students from Cusco also took part in the event and made a presentation of “Andean Yoga” (called “muyuchi” in quechua), as part of the intercultural program.


50 children, 15 parents and 5 teachers participated in the event.  In spite of the fact that some of the children had serious back problems, they enjoyed the physical exercise, laughed, were relaxed and participated with great enthusiasm. Dr. Aayam Gupta, Director, Centro Cultural India, conducted the session. The session also helped in bringing out some skeletal and muscular problems in some of the participants. The experience motivated children, teachers and parents to learn more about yoga. Youngsters became interested in learning more about India through yoga. During the event, a student from Cusco presented the Ambassador with a book written by her father who visited India on a healing journey many years ago.





As an outcome of the event, the following areas of cooperation were identified:


  • * Find ways for the local population to take part in IDY 2017 at Machu Picchu.  This would have a big impact at local, national and international level.


* Continue collaboration between Kuychi Runa and the Embassy so as to prepare certified yoga teachers; an experience to be shared with other Quechua speaking populations in the country.


  • * Translate the International Yoga Prococol booklet into Quechua for training of Quechua speaking teachers who can introduce the practice into intercultural schools of Peru.


  • * Provide workshops and/or training for students of the “Educacion Intercultural Bilingüe” programs in Peruvian universities so they can disseminate the practice when they return to their places of origin as teachers.

  • * Provide information on scholarships granted by Indian government as a motivation to learn English and eventually apply to scholarships.








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