Press Release


Visit of Ambassador Sandeep Chakravorty to the Congress of the Republic of Peru


Yesterday, June 15, Ambassador Sandeep Chakravorty visited the Congress of the Republic on the invitation of Congressman Roy Ventura Ángel, President of the Peru-India Parliamentary League. It was attended by Congressmen Guillermo Bocangel Weydert, Alejandra Aramayo Gaona, Ana María Choquehuanca, Juan Carlos Del Águila Cárdenas, Edwin Vergara Pinto and Rosa María Bartra Barriga.

During the dialogue, topics of current conjuncture were mentioned, such as the celebration of Yoga Day on June 21st, an event to which the Ambassador reiterated his invitation, as well as the effort by the embassy to promote cultural exchange through the Indian Cultural Center where classes of Yoga, Quechua and Inca mathematics are taught.

In addition, also he mentioned the interest of the Government of India to develop new talents through scholarships by ITEC. This meeting also reinforced the commitment of mutual cooperation between the two countries in the development of bilateral relations.




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