Press Release



Yoga at Essalud (the Peruvian Health Insurance Agency).


At an impressive ceremony held on 11 February 2019, a gorup of physicians, psychologists, nurses and other health professionals demonstrated various asanas of Yoga. The Cultural Centre of Embassy of India, Lima joined hands with EsSalud (the Peruvian Health Insurance Agency) in introducing Yoga for public health and training of medical professionals to practice Yoga.




2. The Embassy of India’s association with EsSalud was started in 2018 and has been progressing well with the latest training program which started on 13 October 2018 and successfully enabled more than 30 health professionals to gain knowledge and practice of Yoga on completion of their course in February 2019.





3. The function was attended by various dignitaries, including senior management of EsSalud, Ambassador of India, Yoga Professor at the Centro Cultural India, professional Yoga trainers, including Mr. Amit Kothari, Ms. Erica, Ms. Galia and Mr Jose Pinado.





4. During his remarks at the event, Ambassador highlighted the effectiveness of Yoga and meditation in addressing life style diseases and ailments related to high altitude, high humidity and hot/dry conditions. He also explained how medical research and clinical trials have established the benefits of Yoga in bringing relief to the people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high BP and cancer.



5. The above event was part of activities planned in the calendar of activities plan leading up to the International Day of Yoga 2019.









Lima, February 11, 2019