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Celebration of YOGA FEST 2019 at Embassy of India premises


A week-long "Yoga Fest" was undertaken by Culture Center, EOI Lima from 18 February to 22 February.

First Day (18 Feb) workshop on Pranayama presided over by professor Ramachandra and a lecture on Ayurveda by professor Daru Krishna received  overwhelming response.

Second day Workshop on Meditation presided over by professor Alejandro Martinez  in Centro Culture India of the Embassy in association with Art of Living Peru conducted the workshop was very well appreciated.

On the Third day (20 Feb) of "Yoga Fest" in Lima witnessed a workshop on Hatha Yoga by Professor Veronica and a lecture on 'Yoga for Public Health' by Professor Galia Llerenna and Professior Monica Cussianovich the event was very well attended.


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On the Fourth day (21 feb) of "Yoga Fest” Professor  Ingrid Carbajal spread through awareness Yin yoga   this is a slow-paced style of modern yoga with asanas that are held for longer periods of time. The Workshop on Yin Yoga was held in association with Centro Veda Yoga School.

On the Fifth  (22 feb) witnessed  two main events the first event was Yoga for Anxiety Disorder by Ashish Singh ,the second event was Jose Pinedo, an Ayush Certified Professional give SO HAM  meditation session on  The week long Yoga Festival attracted and motivated many people to practice Yoga.


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Lima, February 18, 2019